Interview With Shane Kuhn, Author of the John Lago Thriller Series

The Intern’s Handbook, AKA Kill Your Boss, was published in 2014. A sequel titled Hostile Takeover, AKA Shoot The Messenger, came out a year later. The series is known for its extraordinarily darkly comedic and cinematic tone so I decided to reach out to the hilarious and extremely intelligent Shane Kuhn, the author of the series, and talk a little bit about John Lago, his prior work in the industry and the movie adaptation of his books. Continue reading “Interview With Shane Kuhn, Author of the John Lago Thriller Series”

Interview with Gaby Dunn, Writer & Co-Creator of “Just Between Us”

Sometime at the end of June, New Form Digital is going to release my pilot I wrote, starred in and created called LOVE ME DO, which is the autobiographical project I’ve been hinting at. It’s a show about my relationship with my dad, who’s an alcoholic. But it’s a comedy. I’m very excited and nervous for people to see it because it’s very close to real life.

It was recently Gaby Dunn’s birthday and I reached out to the bi icon to chat with her about bisexuality, the future of the media and her exciting upcoming projects.

18514012_688326368038372_9046144029611261952_n.jpgSOURCE: @gabyroad

Continue reading “Interview with Gaby Dunn, Writer & Co-Creator of “Just Between Us””